Soundproofing and sound concealment

Sound concealment technique - the generation and modulation of specific white noise frequencies in a designated area in order to conceal any/all conversations.

The conversation becomes incomprehensible, and the concealment noise quiets down during periods of silence.Furthermore, human hearing adapts to the level of background noise, making this sound concealment technique function without causing tiredness or fatigue.

Sound concealment devices must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The device must not bother the conversation.
  2. The conversation must be made incomprehensible in the designated area.

Passive acoustical soundproofing - the usage of acoustical and sound isolation materials in order to make an area soundproofed.

Active noise reduction - the lower frequency range in the places that might require such reduction, for example : clubs , concerts , events and other similar locations.

We generally design a solution combining both of the aforementioned techniques.

Sound concealment example #1

During the conversation between a bank employee and a client, the usage of sound dampening device allows the conversation to remain private from the other clients in the bank.

Sound concealment example #2

A conversation taking place between a customer and a call center operator, during which the usage of sound dampening device allows the call center to conceal the conversations happening between other call center operators.

Design steps

  • Object analysis, identification of problems and possible solutions
  • Computer simulations
  • Equipment tests
  • Authoritative supervision

Suitable locations

  • administration buildings - banks, courts, offices, conference halls, call centers
  • Industrial buildings - factories, laboratories
  • leisure areas - clubs, zoos, amusement parks
  • urban areas - concerts, outdoor cafes, cancellation of noise caused by fireworks

full design documentation preparation

  • Explanatory notes
  • work drawings(plans)
  • technical specifications
  • outlays