evacuation and sound messaging systems

Regarding European law regulations concerning public and manufacturing buildings, an alarm system that regulates evacuation and fire escape procedures must be installed if there are a hundred or more people in the building at the same time.The alarm system is designed according to building classifications and sound transmission class.

We design evacuation and sound messaging systems according to STR 2.01.04:2004, LST EN 60849, LST EN 54 standards and regulations.

Design steps

  • Object analysis, identification of problems and possible solutions
  • Computer simulations
  • STI measurements
  • Equipment tests, certification procedures
  • Authoritative supervision

We perform measurements of existing objects

  • measurements - SPL, STI
  • purposeful sabotage of equipment - for testing purposes
  • assessment of existing materials, equipment and work according to certificates
  • equipment and certification tests

Suitable locations

  • Educational facilities : Laboratories, schools and universities kindergartens
  • Sports facilities : Arenas, halls, pools, stadiums
  • commercial buildings : shopping malls, sales centers
  • administration buildings : banks, courts, offices, conference halls, call centers
  • Industrial buildings : factories, laboratories
  • accommodation buildings
  • Catering buildings : bars, cafes, restaurants
  • Urban areas
  • Ships

Full design documentation preparation

  • Explanatory notes
  • work drawings(plans)
  • technical specifications
  • outlays